the founders

Brought to you by two friends with 3 decades between them, making wine around the world. They sought to offer the best at home, where amazing quality is casual.

After living and working in France, we felt inspired by the culture, where incredible wine isn't only poured for special occasions or perfectly plated pairings. It's an effortless, everyday thing, when you want to. Enjoyed unscripted, unplanned, when the mood strikes. Wine without rules.

When it came to bottling, the carbon impact of moving glass across oceans caught our attention. Enter box— A convenient and conscious choice with great positive impact. It's the small things that count.

People enjoying boxed wine
People enjoying boxed wine

wine makers making wine for wine enjoyers

Why in a box?

After decades (and generations) in the wine business, we came across a statistic that amazed us. More than 2/3 of glass in the US is not recycled and ends up in a landfill. Not only that, the carbon footprint to produce and transport glass is immense. This got us thinking on how to wine better. Enter box. With 50% less of the carbon footprint and far more efficient to transport, it just makes more sense than the traditional glass bottle.

Embracing change doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. We found the best of both worlds in the box. Born out of deep love for our vineyards, we knew that wine could be gentler on the earth, so we started by reducing the fuel and resources it takes to produce and ship heavy bottles around.

We also got tired of pouring half a bottle down the drain the day after we just wanted one glass of wine. The fact that boxed wine stays fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening fits in perfectly with our quality of quantity lifestyle.

People enjoying boxed wine
People enjoying boxed wine
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