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We don’t keep things bottled up

Glass bottles take a ton of energy to produce, most often end up in landfills, are expensive to ship, are easy to break and don't keep wine fresh for very long after opening. 

It’s time to think outside the bottle.  

We kept a simple, classic approach to making delicious quality wine, but with modern sensibilities.  Our wines are vegan, have none of those nasty additives and stay fresher for longer - up to 6 weeks after opening! 

And you can dress up your kitchen by leaving us on your countertop or we fit easily in your fridge.  Our boxes fit conveniently in totes and are super lightweight so taking us out to the park or the beach is a breeze.  

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People enjoying boxed wine
People enjoying boxed wine

Great wine, cool brand - recommend!

Briana G.

Perfect blend.

Great flavor, smooth and a perfect from beginning to end.

Very drinkable, crowd-pleasing wine.

Corey O.

Love this blanc!

Freshness for weeks!

Julie D.

friends with benefits

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People enjoying boxed wine
People enjoying boxed wine
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